Power your business with CTECHI's partnership-driven approach

At CTECHI, we are more than just a battery manufacturer - we are in the business of building lasting relationships. Our commitment to creating and maintaining strong partnerships with our supply chain, OEMs, distributors,  installer, and end-users is what sets us apart. Join us today and experience the power of collaboration!

OEM&ODM Solutions

CTECHI is your trusted partner for energy solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your high-volume projects. With our cutting-edge engineering support and commitment to new product development, we provide our OEM&ODM partners with innovative solutions that deliver long-term energy savings and improved performance across a range of applications.


At CTECHI, we understand the vital role that our distributor and dealer partners play in delivering our products and services to customers. That's why we offer unparalleled support from a team of accomplished industry leaders who are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and helping you anticipate tomorrow's challenges.  With our commitment to continuous training and investment in your business's growth, you can trust us to be your partner for success.