LG Battery

Founded in 1947, LG Group stands as Korea's second-largest multinational conglomerate, renowned for driving global industrial development. LG Group operates over 300 international offices across 171 countries, with subsidiaries spanning multiple industries. A key division, LG Chemical, excels as a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer. Its power batteries, recognized by prestigious automakers like Renault, Ford, and Volvo, secure LG Chemical's position as one of the top three global power battery suppliers. LG Batteries are celebrated for their outstanding safety, lightweight construction, minimal internal resistance, and superior cycle performance. These batteries are also customizable to any size, ensuring they meet the specific needs of diverse applications. Choose LG Batteries for reliable, high-performance power solutions tailored to your industry requirements.

Product Information

Model Nominal Capacity(mAh) Max. Discharge Current(A)
18650 B4 2600 5.200
18650 C2 2800 5.600
18650 C4 2850 5.700
18650 D1 3000 6.000
18650 D2 3000 6.000
18650 HA1 1300 20.0
18650 HA3 1300 20.0
18650 HA4 1300 25.0
18650 HB2 1500 30.0
18650 HB3 1500 20.0
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